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Export Processing Zone

Export Processing Zone

An Export Processing Zone EPZ is designated by the President upon recommendation of the Nigeria Export Processing Zones Authority NEPZA.
An EPZ may be operated and managed by a public, private or combination entity under the supervision and approval of NEPZA.
Export Processing zones are created to promote and stimulate export related business, in a search from the Nigerian Government for an alternative source of foreign earnings besides oil exports. The first Nigerian Free Trade Zone is located in Calabar and dedicated to the oil and gas business of the River Delta. The OKFTZ is the new Free Trade Zone and development of the future.
A list of approved activities is established by the Nepza Act of 1992, n° 63. For these activities extensive tax incentives are provided. Please contact us directly, so we can discuss with you the incentives that apply on your business.

Approved activities

Summary list of approaved activities

  • Manufacture goods for export.
  • Warehousing, freight forwarding and customs clearance.
  • Handling of duty free goods (transhipment, sorting, marketing, packaging etc).
  • Banking, stock exchange and other financial services; insurance and re-insurance.
  • Import of goods for special services, exhibitions and publicity.
  • International Commercial Arbitration Services.
  • Activities relating to integrated zones.
  • Other deemed appropriate by NEPZA.


  • 100% foreign ownership of investment alllowed
  • 100% repatriation of foreign capital investment, profits and dividends at any time
  • 100% exemption from VAT & Withholding tax
  • no taxes, levies and duties apply
  • no foreign exchange regulations apply
  • 100% import and export tax exemptions
  • 100% of the FZ goods can be sold in Nigeria
  • no personal income tax for expatriates.
  • No strikes and lockouts for 10 years